Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Contemplative Waiting

Psalm 22:10
"Upon You I was cast from birth; You have been my God from my mother's womb"

What a desire I have for this to be the sweet words of my son one day! (Yes, we know now it's a boy!) I pray the Lord be real and alive in him; that he not just have a lukewarm faith passed down from Christian family but that he would be on fire for and personal with God; that great things may be done through him, glorifying the Father.

The story on the gender:
My husband and I couldnt decide whether or not to find out our little one's sex so I had a plan to have the technician write the gender on a paper and seal it in an envelope so that we could go on procrastinating. So the day came and my sweet mother in law took the day off to fill in my husband's place and we went to the ultrasound clinic for my 5 month check up.
When I inquired about my plan, the tech said she was unable to do that for me. She happily confirmed that she had the gender pegged but that I would have to find out from the dr. Now, just before sitting up from the vinyl covered bed I happened to look up at the screen (now showing a complicated chart) and I noticed the words "sex: female"!! Whoa how sneeky was I! I had discovered the gender all on my own! I had always imagined having a boy first, but I was so excited about a girl I called Nathan and began to text the family with the good news.
...12 weeks later at another appointment with the same routine...my husband and I prepared to sit back and enjoy another inside peek at our little one. The tech said she noticed that we identified the gender at our last visit. I concurred and told her that our dr. did not recieve notification for that. She promptly asked if I would like her to tell me and so I quickly agreed (thinking of course that I already knew but it would be nice for her to make it official). She took one more glance at her screen and announced "it's a boy." Wow,  I was in shock!  I'm sure my facial expression and surprise confused her until u explained what I had seen the previous visit. Smiling, she explained that it was my gender that I had seen and a common mistake.
How happy I was, I have to admit it. Even though I had gone through 12 weeks of thinking PINK and enjoying the little dresses and feminine outfits displayed in the stores....now I was back to envisioning a son. Maybe he'll grow up with a love for the farm...I sure hope he'll be a mama's boy!  :)

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