Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Precious Gift

Well we made it! With the Lord's help we are aleady on day 12!

On day 7 we had our first doctors appointment and we passed with flying colours! ...Even though things were healthy, I knew it had been a long week when I parked the car in the driveway and gently whispered "'s okay" to the door chime. :)

My delivery story:
So our little guy was overdue and we went in for an induction appointment last friday at 7am but there were 3 other mothers in active labour so the hospital wanted to wait until things slowed down. Hubby and I just hung out in our shared room (we were waiting for a private one to open up...but we were the only ones in the shared room anyways the whole time)...did crossword and sudoku puzzles, visited, tried to sleep...then finally at 2:20pm they were able to insert the cervidyl to see if that would get things going.
Praise God, there was no need for the IV drip, I started contractions an hour later...the weren't awful right away, just super uncomfortable...then getting worse ...then a little before midnight i was 3cm and they broke my, did things progress! (PTL I made it through with no drugs except the gas mask for the pushing!) So around 1am I was 7-8cm and felt the need to PUSH and we went to the labour room. It was steady work from there. I was pushing for over an hour and getting tired so my Dr asked if she could help me out with the vacuum. The very last push she gave a little tug to get his big head out :) didn't even leave a bruise or cone or anything! She flopped him right onto my belly just like a fish, all wet and sliding around -loved it! His eyes were open right away and he was so alert! I was like "is this normal?" To the nurse and she said that's one of the benefits to not having drugs! Wow!
Hubby cut the cord and the doc stitched me up. I tore quite a bit.
My husband was so good about everything! Telling me I was doing a good job all along. RUNNING and getting me water between contractions as I pushed :) He also thought it was all very "neat" to see everything  and how it worked and stuff...he's certainly not queezy!

So that's the story! far breastfeeding is going excellent and I'm starting to see a sleep pattern developing so I can start to be a bit more organized with MY sleep and my day.

More to come I'm sure!

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