Monday, 24 February 2014

40 Days of Dieting Better - Intro

Finally! Coming March & April, a day by day plan that's easy to follow along with!
Over the last few years I've done allot of learning... allot from family, friends, on the web and on my own. Words like nutritious, healthy, medicinal...etc. take on a whole new meaning for me now!

Having the life of a mother and wanting to be organized along with this new found knowledge that can't be ignored has inspired me to do a project! I'm going to take 40 days* in the next two months and transform them into a time of healing inside and out!

Physical Food
I will be following a anti-Candida-based diet** (see disclaimer below) and laying out grocery lists and meal plans at approximately 1200-1300 calories per day for others to replicate.
Physical Exercise
This journey will mean the start of an exercise program as well, healing and strengthening my body.
Spiritual Food
Most importantly, I'll be relying on scripture to let the Word of God heal and strengthen my heart and soul.
*my program will run Monday - Friday for 8 weeks (5 days a week).
**I do not claim to follow a strict form of the anti-candida diet, rather, I am using it as a guideline to have an overall balance. This diet should not be followed for medicinal healing but for health maintainance.

Starting with the Basics:
Follow the Diet
   A low-sugar diet, little or no fruit or added sugars which can cause yeast buildup or Candida to grow and multiply. I've downloaded a chart of "Good"/"Limit"/"Avoid" foods from WholeApproach to tape on my kitchen wall.
Stock up on Probiotics
   Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that slow down and reverse Candida.
   Take a good quality probiotic that you find at a health food store. Acidophilus from your local pharmacy won't do the same job.
   Another great way to get your probiotics is from Kefir. I found my kefir grains on a local buy/sell website. It's super easy to "grow" and care for and I already have some started. 
• Choose an Exercise Program
   My exercise program will be suited to my needs as a new mom as well as the climate I'm live in (can't go running in -35°c today)...all I have for equipment is an exercise ball and a set off dumbbells. This program could be substituted for another, as long as we STICK TO IT! :)
Plan to Dive into Scripture
   My favorite Bible App is You Version. I have it downloaded and I'll be following a daily devotional plan called My Utmost for His Highest. Based on the best-selling book by Oswald Chambers.

1 week and counting! Next up: recipe prep for week 1...getting ready to do a grocery shop and be ready for March!

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